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2015 Volume 18 Issue 3

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DB-IR integration using tight-coupling in the Odysseus DBMS
Kyu-Young Whang | Jae-Gil Lee | Min-Jae Lee | Wook-Shin Han | Min-Soo Kim | Jun-Sung Kim

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Related entity finding by unified probabilistic models
Yi Fang | Luo Si

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An effective approach to tweets opinion retrieval
Zhunchen Luo | Miles Osborne | Ting Wang

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Efficient and secure exact-match queries in outsourced databases
Clemens Heidinger | Klemens Böhm | Erik Buchmann | Martin Spoo

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Configuring bitmap materialized views for optimizing XML queries
Xiaoying Wu | Dimitri Theodoratos | Anastasios Kementsietsidis

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Efficient processing of graph similarity search
Ryan Hyun Choi | Chin-Wan Chung

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Ranked content advertising in online social networks
Weixiong Rao | Lei Chen | Ilaria Bartolini

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Exploiting social circle broadness for influential spreaders identification in social networks
Senzhang Wang | Fang Wang | Yan Chen | Chunyang Liu | Zhoujun Li | Xiaoming Zhang

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Editor's note: Special Section on Web Information Management in the Big Data Era

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Correlation range query for effective recommendations
Wenjun Zhou | Hao Zhang

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Finding critical blocks of information diffusion in social networks
Ende Zhang | Guoren Wang | Kening Gao | Ge Yu

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K-core-based attack to the internet: Is it more malicious than degree-based attack?
Jichang Zhao | Junjie Wu | Mingming Chen | Zhiwen Fang | Xu Zhang | Ke Xu