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2015 Volume 18 Issue 4

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QoS aware descriptions for RESTful service composition: security domain
Cristian Sepulveda | Rosa Alarcón | Jesus Bellido

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DICH: A framework for discovering implicit communities hidden in tweets
Dunlu Peng | Xie Lei | Ting Huang

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Efficiently managing uncertain data in RFID sensor networks
Jiangang Ma | Quan Z. Sheng | Dong Xie | Jen Min Chuah | Yongrui Qin

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Exploring geospatial cognition based on location-based social network sites
Ryong Lee | Shoko Wakamiya | Kazutoshi Sumiya

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Efficient subgraph join based on connectivity similarity
Yue Wang | Hongzhi Wang | Jianzhong Li | Hong Gao

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Structured content-based query answers for improving information quality
Loan T. H. Vo | Jinli Cao | J. Wenny Rahayu

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Online refresh strategies for content based feed aggregation
Roxana Horincar | Bernd Amann | Thierry Artières

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A word-emoticon mutual reinforcement ranking model for building sentiment lexicon from massive collection of microblogs
Shi Feng | Kaisong Song | Daling Wang | Ge Yu

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G-Index Model: A generic model of index schemes for top-k spatial-keyword queries
Hyuk-Yoon Kwon | Haixun Wang | Kyu-Young Whang

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Distributed architecture for k-nearest neighbors recommender systems
Vreixo Formoso | Diego Fernández | Fidel Cacheda | Victor Carneiro

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Locating targets through mention in Twitter
Liyang Tang | Zhiwei Ni | Hui Xiong | Hengshu Zhu

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Information diffusion model in modular microblogging networks
Xiaobing Xiong | Jiangtao Ma | Meng Wang | Gang Zhou | Ke Xu

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Mining change operations for workflow platform as a service
Jian Cao | Yan Yao | Yi Wang

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Two-level interactive identification and derivation of topic clusters in complex networks
Yue Kou | Derong Shen | Hongbin Xu | Menger Lin | Ge Yu | Tiezheng Nie

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Improved selectivity estimator for XML queries based on structural synopsis
Salahadin Mohammed | El-Sayed M. El-Alfy | Ahmad F. Barradah

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Special section on The Human Side of Service Engineering

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ICT Services for open and citizen science
Mikolaj Morzy

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Automatic summarization of risk factors preceding disease progression an insight-driven healthcare service case study on using medical records of diabetic patients
Pei-Yun Sabrina Hsueh | Xinxin (Katie) Zhu | Mark J. H. Hsiao | Selina Y. F. Lee | Vincent Deng | Sreeram Ramakrishnan

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Service economy, knowledge, and the need for T-shaped innovators
Sergio Barile | Marialuisa Saviano | Cristina Simone