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Proceedings of the 4th Spanish Conference on Information Retrieval, Granada, Spain, June 14-16, 2016

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Proceedings of the 4th Spanish Conference on Information Retrieval, Granada, Spain, June 14-16, 2016

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Monitoring Reputation in the Wild Online West
Julio Gonzalo

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Data-driven Human Behavior Models: Opportunities and Challenges
Nuria Oliver

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Injecting Multiple Psychological Features into Standard Text Summarisers
David E. Losada | Javier Parapar

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Any papyrus about "a hand over a stool and a bread loaf, followed by a boat"?: Dealing with hieroglyphic texts in IR
Estíbaliz Iglesias-Franjo | Jesús Vilares

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Improving the Performance of Color-Based Signatures through Dynamic Selection of Adequate CCV-Threshold
Mawloud Mosbah | Bachir Boucheham

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Using Collaborative Filtering in a new domain: traffic analysis
Diego Fernández | Xacobe Macía da Silva | Francisco Javier Nóvoa | Fidel Cacheda | Victor Carneiro

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Short Messages Spam Filtering Using Personality Recognition
Enaitz Ezpeleta | Urko Zurutuza | José María Gómez Hidalgo

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Studying the Effect of Data Structures on the Efficiency of Collaborative Filtering Systems
Pablo Sánchez | Alejandro Bellogín | Iván Cantador

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Additive Smoothing for Relevance-Based Language Modelling of Recommender Systems
Daniel Valcarce | Javier Parapar | Álvaro Barreiro

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Comparing monolithic and committee-based profiles for politician recommendation
Luis M. de Campos | Juan M. Fernández-Luna | Juan F. Huete

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Exploiting Linked Open Data in Cold-start Recommendations with Positive-only Feedback
Paolo Tomeo | Ignacio Fernández-Tobías | Tommaso Di Noia | Iván Cantador

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A Time-Aware Exploration of RecSys15 Challenge Dataset
Humberto Jesús Corona Pampín | Ana Peleteiro

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Predicting the Human Curiosity from Users' Profiles on Facebook
Alan Menk | Laura Sebastiá

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Fast compressed-based strategies for author profiling of social media texts
Francisco Claude | Roberto Konow | Susana Ladra

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Research on Wikipedia Vandalism: a brief literature review
Jesús Tramullas | Piedad Garrido Picazo | Ana I. Sánchez-Casabón

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Detecting Source Code Re-Use with Ensemble Models
Enrique Flores | Lidia Moreno | Paolo Rosso

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Automatic classification of web images as UML diagrams
Valentin Moreno | Gonzalo Génova | Manuela Alejandres | Anabel Fraga

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Ontological models for information retrieval of product-service: Trends and open issues
Liudmila Reyes-Alvarez | Jaime Fernández | Luis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz | Irene Díaz

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A method to generate equiprobale runs in TFPG models
Maria Carmela Vitelli | Irene Díaz | Luigi Troiano

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Assessing Interestingness and Importance of Information Retrieval Course Topics in a Course for Three Different Target Groups
Daniel Blank | Andreas Henrich

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Evaluating Usability: a two-fold assessment
Frances C. Johnson

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Search Strategy Formulation: A Framework For Learning
Andrew MacFarlane | Tony Russell-Rose