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2016 Volume 5 Issue 2

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State of the journal
Michael S. Lew

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On the use of commonsense ontology for multimedia event recounting
Chun Chet Tan | Chong-Wah Ngo

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An efficient method for video shot boundary detection and keyframe extraction using SIFT-point distribution histogram
Rachida Hannane | Abdessamad Elboushaki | Karim Afdel | P. Nagabhushan | Mohammed Javed

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Automatic environmental sound concepts discovery for video retrieval
Issam Feki | Anis Ben Ammar | Adel M. Alimi

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Classification of color texture images based on modified WLD
Babak Masoudi

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Learning "initial feature weights" for CBIR using query augmentation
Tasnim Sami | Nabeel Mohammed | Sifat Momen