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2016 Volume 52 Issue 2

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A farewell message from the editor-in-chief
Fabio Crestani

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A linguistically driven framework for query expansion via grammatical constituent highlighting and role-based concept weighting
Bhawani Selvaretnam | Mohammed Belkhatir

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Estimating Reputation Polarity on Microblog Posts
Maria-Hendrike Peetz | Maarten de Rijke | Rianne Kaptein

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Optimization and label propagation in bipartite heterogeneous networks to improve transductive classification of texts
Rafael Geraldeli Rossi | Alneu de Andrade Lopes | Solange Oliveira Rezende

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Improving patient record search: A meta-data based approach
Iman Amini | David Martínez | Xiaodong Li | Mark Sanderson

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GTE-Rank: A time-aware search engine to answer time-sensitive queries
Ricardo Campos | Gaël Dias | Alípio Jorge | Célia Nunes

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Extracting translations from comparable corpora for Cross-Language Information Retrieval using the language modeling framework
Razieh Rahimi | Azadeh Shakery | Irwin King

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Argumentation and graph properties
Mamadou Bilo Doumbouya | Bernard Kamsu-Foguem | Hugues Kenfack

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DeASCIIfication approach to handle diacritics in Turkish information retrieval
Ahmet Arslan

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Genetic programming-based feature learning for question answering
Iman Khodadi | Mohammad Saniee Abadeh