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2016 Volume 52 Issue 4

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Effective language identification of forum texts based on statistical approaches
Kheireddine Abainia | Siham Ouamour | Halim Sayoud

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Unsupervised adaptive microblog filtering for broad dynamic topics
Walid Magdy | Tamer Elsayed

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Formal language models for finding groups of experts
Shangsong Liang | Maarten de Rijke

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A systematic study of knowledge graph analysis for cross-language plagiarism detection
Marc Franco-Salvador | Paolo Rosso | Manuel Montes-y-Gómez

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A semantics and image retrieval system for hierarchical image databases
Shreelekha Pandey | Pritee Khanna | Haruo Yokota

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Internet factors influencing generations Y and Z in Australia and Portugal: A practical study
Tomayess Issa | Pedro Teixeira Isaías

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Multi-view clustering via spectral partitioning and local refinement
Nacim Fateh Chikhi

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Learning from homologous queries and semantically related terms for query auto completion
Fei Cai | Maarten de Rijke

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Comments on "Homomorphic image watermarking with a singular value decomposition algorithm"
Khaled Loukhaoukha | Ahmed Refaey | Khalil Zebbiche

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Studying the effect and treatment of misspelled queries in Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Jesús Vilares | Miguel A. Alonso | Yerai Doval | Manuel Vilares Ferro

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Influence of human behavior and the principle of least effort on library and information science research
Yu-Wei Chang

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Query-focused multi-document summarization using hypergraph-based ranking
Shufeng Xiong | Donghong Ji

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Probabilistic latent variable models for unsupervised many-to-many object matching
Tomoharu Iwata | Tsutomu Hirao | Naonori Ueda

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Amplifying scientific paper's abstract by leveraging data-weighted reconstruction
Shansong Yang | Weiming Lu | Zhanjiang Zhang | Baogang Wei | Wenjia An