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2016 Volume 52 Issue 5

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Exploring emotional expressions in e-word-of-mouth from online communities
Craig Standing | Markus Holzweber | Jan Mattsson

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New query suggestion framework and algorithms: A case study for an educational search engine
Ibrahim Bahattin Vidinli | Rifat Ozcan

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A parser for authority control of author names in bibliographic records
Rafael C. Carrasco | Aureo Serrano | Reydi Castillo-Buergo

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FCA based ontology development for data integration
Gaihua Fu

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A multimodal query expansion based on genetic programming for visually-oriented e-commerce applications
Patricia Correia Saraiva | João M. B. Cavalcanti | Edleno Silva de Moura | Marcos André Gonçalves | Ricardo da Silva Torres

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INEX Tweet Contextualization task: Evaluation, results and lesson learned
Patrice Bellot | Véronique Moriceau | Josiane Mothe | Eric SanJuan | Xavier Tannier

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Finding cultural heritage images through a Dual-Perspective Navigation Framework
Yi-Ling Lin | Peter Brusilovsky | Daqing He

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Assessing the impact of Stemming Accuracy on Information Retrieval - A multilingual perspective
Felipe N. Flores | Viviane Pereira Moreira

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Fast top-k preserving query processing using two-tier indexes
Caio Moura Daoud | Edleno Silva de Moura | André Luiz da Costa Carvalho | Altigran Soares da Silva | David Fernandes de Oliveira | Cristian Rossi

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Improving Information Retrieval Performance on OCRed Text in the Absence of Clean Text Ground Truth
Kripabandhu Ghosh | Anirban Chakraborty | Swapan Kumar Parui | Prasenjit Majumder

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Helmholtz principle based supervised and unsupervised feature selection methods for text mining
Melike Tutkan | Murat Can Ganiz | Selim Akyokus

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Efficient identification of node importance in social networks
Yunyun Yang | Gang Xie

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Syntactic complexity of Web search queries through the lenses of language models, networks and users
Rishiraj Saha Roy | Smith Agarwal | Niloy Ganguly | Monojit Choudhury

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Measuring user influence on Twitter: A survey
Fabián Riquelme | Pablo Gonzalez Cantergiani

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Paper recommendation based on the knowledge gap between a researcher's background knowledge and research target
Weidong Zhao | Ran Wu | Haitao Liu