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2016 Volume 52 Issue 6

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Strokes of insight: User intent detection and kinematic compression of mouse cursor trails
Daniel Martín-Albo | Luis A. Leiva | Jeff Huang | Réjean Plamondon

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Candidate document retrieval for cross-lingual plagiarism detection using two-level proximity information
Nava Ehsan | Azadeh Shakery

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Does the use of a foreign language influence attention and genre-specific viewing patterns for job advertisements? An eye-tracking study
Béryl Hilberink-Schulpen | Ulrike Nederstigt | Frank van Meurs | Emmie van Alem

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Reducing hardware hit by queries in web search engines
Marcelo Mendoza | Mauricio Marín | Veronica Gil-Costa | Flavio Ferrarotti

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Recent developments in social spam detection and combating techniques: A survey
Manajit Chakraborty | Sukomal Pal | Rahul Pramanik | C. Ravindranath Chowdary

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Identification of interdisciplinary ideas
Dirk Thorleuchter | Dirk Van den Poel

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Utilising a statistical inequality for efficiently finding term sets
Massimo Melucci

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MineRank: Leveraging users' latent roles for unsupervised collaborative information retrieval
Laure Soulier | Lynda Tamine | Chirag Shah

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A rough set-based association rule approach for a recommendation system for online consumers
Shu-Hsien Liao | Hsiao-ko Chang

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Quality versus efficiency in document scoring with learning-to-rank models
Gabriele Capannini | Claudio Lucchese | Franco Maria Nardini | Salvatore Orlando | Raffaele Perego | Nicola Tonellotto

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An investigation of the levels of abstraction of tags across three resource genres
Lala Hajibayova | Elin K. Jacob

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INCIM: A community-based algorithm for influence maximization problem under the linear threshold model
Arastoo Bozorgi | Hassan Haghighi | Mohammad Sadegh Zahedi | Mojtaba Rezvani

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Beyond actions: Exploring the discovery of tactics from user logs
Jiyin He | Pernilla Qvarfordt | Martin Halvey | Gene Golovchinsky

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Evidential estimation of event locations in microblogs using the Dempster-Shafer theory
Ozer Ozdikis | Halit Oguztüzün | Pinar Karagoz

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Entity disambiguation to Wikipedia using collective ranking
Gang Zhao | Ji Wu | Dingding Wang | Tao Li