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2016 Volume 19 Issue 1-2

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Medical information retrieval: introduction to the special issue
Lorraine Goeuriot | Gareth J. F. Jones | Liadh Kelly | Henning Müller | Justin Zobel

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Information retrieval as semantic inference: a Graph Inference model applied to medical search
Bevan Koopman | Guido Zuccon | Peter Bruza | Laurianne Sitbon | Michael Lawley

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Retrieval, visualization, and mining of large radiation dosage data
William Kovacs | Samuel Weisenthal | Les R. Folio | Qiaoyi Li | Ronald M. Summers | Jianhua Yao

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Biomedical term extraction: overview and a new methodology
Juan Antonio Lossio-Ventura | Clément Jonquet | Mathieu Roche | Maguelonne Teisseire

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Evaluating multimodal relevance feedback techniques for medical image retrieval
Dimitrios Markonis | Roger Schaer | Henning Müller

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State-of-the-art in biomedical literature retrieval for clinical cases: a survey of the TREC 2014 CDS track
Kirk Roberts | Matthew S. Simpson | Dina Demner-Fushman | Ellen M. Voorhees | William R. Hersh

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Enhancing web search in the medical domain via query clarification
Luca Soldaini | Andrew Yates | Elad Yom-Tov | Ophir Frieder | Nazli Goharian

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Methods for linking EHR notes to education materials
Jiaping Zheng | Hong Yu

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How users search and what they search for in the medical domain - Understanding laypeople and experts through query logs
João R. M. Palotti | Allan Hanbury | Henning Müller | Charles E. Kahn Jr.