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2016 Volume 67 Issue 1

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A framework for evaluating automatic indexing or classification in the context of retrieval
Koraljka Golub | Dagobert Soergel | George Buchanan | Douglas Tudhope | Marianne Lykke | Debra Hiom

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Classifying Twitter favorites: Like, bookmark, or Thanks?
Genevieve Gorrell | Kalina Bontcheva

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Personal information concerns and provision in social network sites: Interplay between secure preservation and true presentation
Jinyoung Min

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An exploratory study of the information-seeking activities of adolescents in a discussion forum
Nadia Gauducheau

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User satisfaction with microblogging: Information dissemination versus social networking
Ivy L. B. Liu | Christy M. K. Cheung | Matthew K. O. Lee

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SemGraph: Extracting keyphrases following a novel semantic graph-based approach
Juan Martínez-Romo | Lourdes Araujo | Andres Duque Fernandez

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On cold start for associative tag recommendation
Eder Ferreira Martins | Fabiano Muniz Belém | Jussara M. Almeida | Marcos André Gonçalves

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Descriptive document clustering via discriminant learning in a co-embedded space of multilevel similarities
Tingting Mu | John Yannis Goulermas | Ioannis Korkontzelos | Sophia Ananiadou

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Extending the understanding of critical success factors for implementing business intelligence systems
William Yeoh | Ales Popovic

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C-sanitized: A privacy model for document redaction and sanitization
David Sánchez | Montserrat Batet

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The invariant distribution of references in scientific articles
Marc Bertin | Iana Atanassova | Yves Gingras | Vincent Larivière

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Updating the SCImago journal and country rank classification: A new approach using Ward's clustering and alternative combination of citation measures
Antonio J. Gómez-Núñez | Benjamín Vargas-Quesada | Félix de Moya Anegón

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When are readership counts as useful as citation counts? Scopus versus Mendeley for LIS journals
Nabeil Maflahi | Mike Thelwall

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A new approach to the QS university ranking using the composite I-distance indicator: Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses
Marina Dobrota | Milica Bulajic | Lutz Bornmann | Veljko Jeremic

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Explaining the unexpected and continued use of an information system with the help of evolved evolutionary mechanisms
Chon Abraham | Iris A. Junglas | Richard T. Watson | Marie-Claude Boudreau

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Tweets as impact indicators: Examining the implications of automated "bot" accounts on Twitter
Stefanie Haustein | Timothy D. Bowman | Kim Holmberg | Andrew Tsou | Cassidy R. Sugimoto | Vincent Larivière

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Computational authorship verification method attributes a new work to a major 2nd century African author
Justin Anthony Stover | Yaron Winter | Moshe Koppel | Mike Kestemont

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The Importance of the Anonymous Voice in Postpublication Peer Review
Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva