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2016 Volume 67 Issue 3

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Professional information disclosure on social networks: The case of Facebook and LinkedIn in Israel
Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet | Yair Bratspiess

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A conceptual model for video games and interactive media
Jacob Jett | Simone Sacchi | Jin Ha Lee | Rachel Ivy Clarke

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A web analytics approach for appraising electronic resources in academic libraries
Daniel M. Coughlin | Mark C. Campbell | Bernard J. Jansen

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Costly collaborations: The impact of scientific fraud on co-authors' careers
Philippe Mongeon | Vincent Larivière

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Contributions of chinese authors in PLOS ONE
Sulan Yan | Ronald Rousseau | Shuiqing Huang

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A readability level prediction tool for K-12 books
Joel Denning | Maria Soledad Pera | Yiu-Kai Ng

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Can reviews help to assess the wider impacts of books?
Kayvan Kousha | Mike Thelwall

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A context-dependent relevance model
Edward Kai Fung Dang | Robert W. P. Luk | James Allan

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An ontology-based model for indexing and retrieval
Winfried Gödert

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The congruity between linkage-based factors and content-based clusters - an experimental study using multiple document corpora
Tsung Teng Chen

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The twist measure for IR evaluation: Taking user's effort into account
Nicola Ferro | Gianmaria Silvello | Heikki Keskustalo | Ari Pirkola | Kalervo Järvelin

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What's the use? Measuring the frequency of studies of information outcomes
Donald Owen Case | Lisa G. O'Connor

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Enhanced self-citation detection by fuzzy author name matching and complementary error estimates
Paul Donner

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Dimensions and uncertainties of author citation rankings: Lessons learned from frequency-weighted in-text citation counting
Dangzhi Zhao | Andreas Strotmann

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A bibliometric and network analysis of the field of computational linguistics
Dragomir R. Radev | Mark Thomas Joseph | Bryan R. Gibson | Pradeep Muthukrishnan

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The operationalization of "fields" as WoS subject categories (WCs) in evaluative bibliometrics: The cases of "library and information science" and "science & technology studies"
Loet Leydesdorff | Lutz Bornmann

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The impact of research funding on scientific outputs: Evidence from six smaller European countries
Abdullah Gök | John Rigby | Philip Shapira

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Research assessment based on infrequent achievements: A comparison of the United States and Europe in terms of highly cited papers and Nobel Prizes
Alonso Rodríguez-Navarro

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Journal portfolio analysis for countries, cities, and organizations: Maps and comparisons
Loet Leydesdorff | Gaston Heimeriks | Daniele Rotolo

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Handbook of Information Science - By Wolfgang G. Stock and Mechtild Stock
Tefko Saracevic

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Big Data, Little Data, No Data: Scholarship in the Networked World - By Christine L. Borgman
Carol Tenopir