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2016 Volume 67 Issue 4

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Measuring compliance with a Spanish Government open access mandate
Ángel Borrego

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A relational altmetric? Network centrality on ResearchGate as an indicator of scientific impact
Christian Pieter Hoffmann | Christoph Lutz | Miriam Meckel

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Institutional and individual factors affecting scientists' data-sharing behaviors: A multilevel analysis
Youngseek Kim | Jeffrey M. Stanton

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User experience with commercial music services: An empirical exploration
Jin Ha Lee | Rachel Price

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Personal communication networks and their positive effects on online collaboration and outcome quality on Wikipedia
Michail Tsikerdekis

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Exploring information interactions in the context of Google
Frances C. Johnson | Jennifer E. Rowley | Laura Sbaffi

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Understanding "influence": An empirical test of the Data-Frame Theory of Sensemaking
Sheila Pontis | Ann Blandford

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Digital innovations in poetry: Practices of creative writing faculty in online literary publishing
Rachel A. Fleming-May | Harriett E. Green

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Bibliogifts in LibGen? A study of a text-sharing platform driven by biblioleaks and crowdsourcing
Guillaume Cabanac

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Linking and clustering artworks using social tags: Revitalizing crowd-sourced information on cultural collections
Gunho Chae | Jaram Park | Juyong Park | Woon Seung Yeo | Chungkon Shi

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The Text Matrix as a tool to increase the cohesion of extensive texts
José Osvaldo De Sordi | Manuel Meireles | Osvaldo Luiz De Oliveira

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Discovering hierarchical topic evolution in time-stamped documents
Jun Song | Yu Huang | Xiang Qi | Yuheng Li | Feng Li | Kun Fu | Tinglei Huang

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Indexing biomedical documents with a possibilistic network
Wiem Chebil | Lina Fatima Soualmia | Mohamed Nazih Omri | Stéfan Jacques Darmoni

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A learning to rank approach for quality-aware pseudo-relevance feedback
Zheng Ye | Jimmy Xiangji Huang

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Guideline references and academic citations as evidence of the clinical value of health research
Mike Thelwall | Nabeil Maflahi

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Comparing keywords plus of WOS and author keywords: A case study of patient adherence research
Juan Zhang | Qi Yu | Fashan Zheng | Chao Long | Zuxun Lu | Zhiguang Duan

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Research data and metadata curation as institutional issues
Matthew S. Mayernik

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Interacting with archival finding aids
Luanne Freund | Elaine G. Toms

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Does international collaboration yield a higher citation potential for US scientists publishing in highly visible interdisciplinary Journals?
Ronald Rousseau | Jie-lan Ding

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The time for bibliometric applications
Daniel Torres-Salinas | Nicolás Robinson-García

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What do altmetrics counts mean? A plea for content analyses
Lutz Bornmann