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2016 Volume 67 Issue 5

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Personalized generation of word clouds from tweets
Martin Leginus | ChengXiang Zhai | Peter Dolog

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Blocked: When the information is hidden by the visualization
Kyong Eun Oh | Daniel Halpern | Marilyn Tremaine | James Chiang | Deborah Silver | Karen G. Bemis

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On online collaboration and construction of shared knowledge: Assessing mediation capability in computer supported argument visualization tools
Luca Iandoli | Ivana Quinto | Anna De Liddo | Simon Buckingham Shum

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Social network analysis on a topic-based navigation guidance system in a public health portal
Jin Zhang | Shanshan Zhai | Hongxia Liu | Jennifer Ann Stevenson

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Characteristics of tagging behavior in digitized humanities online collections
Youngok Choi | Sue Yeon Syn

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Uncovering information from social media hyperlinks: An investigation of twitter
Liwen Vaughan

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How users employ various popular tags to annotate resources in social tagging: An empirical study
Xuwei Pan | Shenglan He | Xiyong Zhu | Qingmiao Fu

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A knowledge-based approach to Information Extraction for semantic interoperability in the archaeology domain
Andreas Vlachidis | Douglas Tudhope

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Shaping guanxi networks at work through instant messaging
Carol Xiaojuan Ou | Robert M. Davison

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Intuitive or idiomatic: An interdisciplinary study of child-tablet computer interaction
Rhonda N. McEwen | Adam K. Dubé

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User motivations for asking questions in online Q&A services
Erik Choi | Chirag Shah

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Can Mendeley bookmarks reflect readership? A survey of user motivations
Ehsan Mohammadi | Mike Thelwall | Kayvan Kousha

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Theory-changing breakthroughs in science: The impact of research teamwork on scientific discoveries
Jos J. Winnink | Robert J. W. Tijssen | Anthony F. J. van Raan

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Factors that influence the teaching use of Wikipedia in higher education
Antoni Meseguer-Artola | Eduard Aibar | Josep Lladós | Julià Minguillón | Maura Lerga

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Does research with statistics have more impact? The citation rank advantage of structural equation modeling
Mike Thelwall | Paul Wilson

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The scientific impact of mexican steroid research 1935-1965: A bibliometric and historiographic analysis
Yoscelina I. Hernandez-Garcia | José Antonio Chamizo | Mina Kleiche-Dray | Jane M. Russell

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Diversity of references as an indicator of the interdisciplinarity of journals: Taking similarity between subject fields into account
Lin Zhang | Ronald Rousseau | Wolfgang Glänzel

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Data, ideology, and the developing critical program of social informatics
Michael Marcinkowski