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2016 Volume 67 Issue 6

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The conditions of peak empiricism in big data and interaction design
Michael Marcinkowski | Fred Fonseca

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Tweet-biased summarization
Evi Yulianti | Sharin Huspi | Mark Sanderson

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Users' music information needs and behaviors: Design implications for music information retrieval systems
Jin Ha Lee | Hyerim Cho | Yea-Seul Kim

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Understanding collaborative search for places of interest
Misfer Aldosari | Mark Sanderson | Audrey Tam | Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd

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Assessment of learning to rank methods for query expansion
Bo Xu | Hongfei Lin | Yuan Lin

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What motivates people to review articles? The case of the human-computer interaction community
Syavash Nobarany | Kellogg S. Booth | Gary Hsieh

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The decision to submit to a journal: Another example of a valence-consistent Shift?
Guido Pepermans | Sandra Rousseau

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The boundaries between: Parental involvement in a teen's online world
Lee B. Erickson | Pamela J. Wisniewski | Heng Xu | John M. Carroll | Mary Beth Rosson | Daniel F. Perkins

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Social scientists' satisfaction with data reuse
Ixchel M. Faniel | Adam Kriesberg | Elizabeth Yakel

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Investment decision paths in the information age: The effect of online journalism
Michal Gaziel Yablowitz | Daphne R. Raban

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The development and validation of a one-bit comparison for evaluating the maturity of tag distributions in a Web 2.0 environment
Kuo-Hao Tang | Li-Chen Tsai | Sheue-Ling Hwang

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Distortive effects of initial-based name disambiguation on measurements of large-scale coauthorship networks
Jinseok Kim | Jana Diesner

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Estimating the probability of an authorship attribution
Jacques Savoy

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Science communication and dissemination in different cultures: An analysis of the audience for TED videos in China and abroad
Xuelian Pan | Erjia Yan | Weina Hua

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Disciplinary, national, and departmental contributions to the literature of library and information science, 2007-2012
William H. Walters | Esther Isabelle Wilder

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Accessibility of graphics in STEM research articles: Analysis and proposals for improvement
Bruno Splendiani | Mireia Ribera