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2016 Volume 67 Issue 8

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Social media and problematic everyday life information-seeking outcomes: Differences across use frequency, gender, and problem-solving styles
Sei-Ching Joanna Sin

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A content analysis of Twitter hyperlinks and their application in web resource indexing
Kwan Yi | Namjoo Choi | Yungsoo Kim

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Reducing digital divide effects through student engagement in coordinated game design, online resource use, and social computing activities in school
Rebecca B. Reynolds | Ming Ming Chiu

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Understanding scientific collaboration in the research life cycle: Bio- and nanoscientists' motivations, information-sharing and communication practices, and barriers to collaboration
EunKyung Chung | Nahyun Kwon | Jungyeoun Lee

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Not all international collaboration is beneficial: The Mendeley readership and citation impact of biochemical research collaboration
Pardeep Sud | Mike Thelwall

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Text representation strategies: An example with the State of the union addresses
Jacques Savoy

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Why experience matters to privacy: How context-based experience moderates consumer privacy expectations for mobile applications
Kirsten Martin | Katie Shilton

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Academics' responses to encountered information: Context matters
Sheila Pontis | Genovefa Kefalidou | Ann Blandford | Jamie Forth | Stephann Makri | Sarah Sharples | Geraint A. Wiggins | Mel Woods

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Using the wayback machine to mine websites in the social sciences: A methodological resource
Sanjay K. Arora | Yin Li | Jan L. Youtie | Philip Shapira

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Web mining for navigation problem detection and diagnosis in Discapnet: A website aimed at disabled people
Olatz Arbelaitz | Aizea Lojo | Javier Muguerza | Iñigo Perona

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Information flows as bases for archeology-specific geodata infrastructures: An exploratory study in flanders
Berdien De Roo | Philippe De Maeyer | Jean Bourgeois

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Using path-based approaches to examine the dynamic structure of discipline-level citation networks: 1997-2011
Erjia Yan | Qi Yu

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Wikipedia, collective memory, and the Vietnam war
Brendan Luyt

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Mendeley readership altmetrics for medical articles: An analysis of 45 fields
Mike Thelwall | Paul Wilson

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Author credit-assignment schemas: A comparison and analysis
Jian Xu | Ying Ding | Min Song | Tamy Chambers

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Research synthesis methods and library and information science: Shared problems, limited diffusion
Laura Sheble

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Spamming in scholarly publishing: A case study
Marcin Kozak | Olesia Iefremova | James Hartley

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Constructing conceptual trajectory maps to trace the development of research fields
Yi-Ning Tu | Shu-Lan Hsu

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A mixture model of global internet capacity distributions
Hyunjin Seo | Stuart Thorson