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2016 Volume 7 Issue 2

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On Estimation of Functional Causal Models: General Results and Application to the Post-Nonlinear Causal Model
Kun Zhang | Zhikun Wang | Jiji Zhang | Bernhard Schölkopf

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From Observational Studies to Causal Rule Mining
Jiuyong Li | Thuc Duy Le | Lin Liu | Jixue Liu | Zhou Jin | Bing-Yu Sun | Saisai Ma

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Gestures à Go Go: Authoring Synthetic Human-Like Stroke Gestures Using the Kinematic Theory of Rapid Movements
Luis A. Leiva | Daniel Martín-Albo | Réjean Plamondon

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Event Extraction using Structured Learning and Rich Domain Knowledge: Application across Domains and Data Sources
Einat Minkov

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Preface to the ACM TIST Special Issue on Causal Discovery and Inference
Kun Zhang | Jiuyong Li | Elias Bareinboim | Bernhard Schölkopf | Judea Pearl

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Sharp Bounds on Survivor Average Causal Effects When the Outcome Is Binary and Truncated by Death
Na Shan | Xiaogang Dong | Ping-Feng Xu | Jianhua Guo

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Semiparametric Inference of the Complier Average Causal Effect with Nonignorable Missing Outcomes
Hua Chen | Peng Ding | Zhi Geng | Xiao-Hua Zhou

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Bounds on Direct and Indirect Effects of Treatment on a Continuous Endpoint
Peng Luo | Zhi Geng

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Causal Discovery on Discrete Data with Extensions to Mixture Model
Furui Liu | Laiwan Chan

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Gaussian Processes for Independence Tests with Non-iid Data in Causal Inference
Seth R. Flaxman | Daniel B. Neill | Alexander J. Smola

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Learning Perceptual Causality from Video
Amy Sue Fire | Song-Chun Zhu

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A Novel Continuous and Structural VAR Modeling Approach and Its Application to Reactor Noise Analysis
Marina Demeshko | Takashi Washio | Yoshinobu Kawahara | Yuriy Pepyolyshev

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A Causal Approach to the Study of TCP Performance
Hadrien Hours | Ernst W. Biersack | Patrick Loiseau