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2016 Volume 7 Issue 3

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Beyond Relevance: Explicitly Promoting Novelty and Diversity in Tag Recommendation
Fabiano Muniz Belém | Carolina S. Batista | Rodrygo L. T. Santos | Jussara M. Almeida | Marcos André Gonçalves

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Parameterized Decay Model for Information Retrieval
Jiaul H. Paik

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Mutual Component Analysis for Heterogeneous Face Recognition
Zhifeng Li | Dihong Gong | Qiang Li | Dacheng Tao | Xuelong Li

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Generating Incremental Length Summary Based on Hierarchical Topic Coverage Maximization
Jintao Ye | Zhaoyan Ming | Tat-Seng Chua

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Participatory Cultural Mapping Based on Collective Behavior Data in Location-Based Social Networks
Dingqi Yang | Daqing Zhang | Bingqing Qu

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Location Prediction: A Temporal-Spatial Bayesian Model
Yantao Jia | Yuanzhuo Wang | Xiaolong Jin | Xueqi Cheng

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Video Face Editing Using Temporal-Spatial-Smooth Warping
Xiaoyan Li | Tongliang Liu | Jiankang Deng | Dacheng Tao

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Multimedia News Summarization in Search
Zechao Li | Jinhui Tang | Xueming Wang | Jing Liu | Hanqing Lu

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S-SMART: A Unified Bayesian Framework for Simultaneous Semantic Mapping, Activity Recognition, and Tracking
Michael Hardegger | Daniel Roggen | Alberto Calatroni | Gerhard Tröster

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Incentive Mechanism Design for Crowdsourcing: An All-Pay Auction Approach
Tie Luo | Sajal K. Das | Hwee Pink Tan | Lirong Xia

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Intelligent Evacuation Management Systems: A Review
Azhar Mohd Ibrahim | Ibrahim Venkat | K. G. Subramanian | Ahamad Tajudin Khader | Philippe De Wilde

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A Comprehensive Survey on Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
Changxing Ding | Dacheng Tao

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Introduction to the Special Issue on Recommender System Benchmarking
Paolo Cremonesi | Alan Said | Domonkos Tikk | Michelle X. Zhou

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Relevance Meets Coverage: A Unified Framework to Generate Diversified Recommendations
Le Wu | Qi Liu | Enhong Chen | Nicholas Jing Yuan | Guangming Guo | Xing Xie

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The Role of Cores in Recommender Benchmarking for Social Bookmarking Systems
Stephan Doerfel | Robert Jäschke | Gerd Stumme

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A Framework for Dataset Benchmarking and Its Application to a New Movie Rating Dataset
Simon Dooms | Alejandro Bellogín | Toon De Pessemier | Luc Martens

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A Novel Classification Framework for Evaluating Individual and Aggregate Diversity in Top-N Recommendations
Jennifer Moody | David H. Glass

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Anytime Algorithms for Recommendation Service Providers
David Ben-Shimon | Lior Rokach | Guy Shani | Bracha Shapira