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2016 Volume 8 Issue 1

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SNAP: A General-Purpose Network Analysis and Graph-Mining Library
Jure Leskovec | Rok Sosic

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Topic-Aware Physical Activity Propagation with Temporal Dynamics in a Health Social Network
NhatHai Phan | Javid Ebrahimi | David Kil | Brigitte Piniewski | Dejing Dou

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Multiagent Resource Allocation for Dynamic Task Arrivals with Preemption
John A. Doucette | Graham Pinhey | Robin Cohen

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Dynamic Scheduling of Cybersecurity Analysts for Minimizing Risk Using Reinforcement Learning
Rajesh Ganesan | Sushil Jajodia | Ankit Shah | Hasan Cam

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Using Scalable Data Mining for Predicting Flight Delays
Loris Belcastro | Fabrizio Marozzo | Domenico Talia | Paolo Trunfio

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Recognizing Parkinsonian Gait Pattern by Exploiting Fine-Grained Movement Function Features
Tianben Wang | Zhu Wang | Daqing Zhang | Tao Gu | Hongbo Ni | Jiangbo Jia | Xingshe Zhou | Jing Lv

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Measuring Similarity Similarly: LDA and Human Perception
W. Ben Towne | Carolyn P. Rosé | James D. Herbsleb

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CSM: A Cloud Service Marketplace for Complex Service Acquisition
Yexi Jiang | Chang-Shing Perng | Anca Sailer | Ignacio Silva-Lepe | Yang Zhou | Tao Li

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SPrank: Semantic Path-Based Ranking for Top-N Recommendations Using Linked Open Data
Tommaso Di Noia | Vito Claudio Ostuni | Paolo Tomeo | Eugenio Di Sciascio

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A Unified Point-of-Interest Recommendation Framework in Location-Based Social Networks
Chen Cheng | Haiqin Yang | Irwin King | Michael R. Lyu

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Enhanced Knowledge-Leverage-Based TSK Fuzzy System Modeling for Inductive Transfer Learning
Zhaohong Deng | Yizhang Jiang | Hisao Ishibuchi | Kup-Sze Choi | Shitong Wang

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A Spatial-Temporal Topic Model for the Semantic Annotation of POIs in LBSNs
Tieke He | Hongzhi Yin | Zhenyu Chen | Xiaofang Zhou | Shazia W. Sadiq | Bin Luo

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Dystemo: Distant Supervision Method for Multi-Category Emotion Recognition in Tweets
Valentina Sintsova | Pearl Pu

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Driving Profiles Computation and Monitoring for Car Insurance CRM
Mirco Nanni | Roberto Trasarti | Anna Monreale | Valerio Grossi | Dino Pedreschi

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Soft Confidence-Weighted Learning
Jialei Wang | Peilin Zhao | Steven C. H. Hoi