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2016 Volume 34 Issue 3

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Overview of the Special Issue on Trust and Veracity of Information in Social Media
Symeon Papadopoulos | Kalina Bontcheva | Eva Jaho | Mihai Lupu | Carlos Castillo

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Digital Wildfires: Propagation, Verification, Regulation, and Responsible Innovation
Helena Webb | Pete Burnap | Rob Procter | Omer F. Rana | Bernd Carsten Stahl | Matthew L. Williams | William Housley | Adam Edwards | Marina Jirotka

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Geoparsing and Geosemantics for Social Media: Spatiotemporal Grounding of Content Propagating Rumors to Support Trust and Veracity Analysis during Breaking News
Stuart E. Middleton | Vadims Krivcovs

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TISoN: Trust Inference in Trust-Oriented Social Networks
Sana Hamdi | Alda Lopes Gançarski | Amel Bouzeghoub | Sadok Ben Yahia

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Misinformation in Online Social Networks: Detect Them All with a Limited Budget
Huiling Zhang | Md Abdul Alim | Xiang Li | My T. Thai | Hien T. Nguyen