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2016 Volume 34 Issue 4

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Query Performance Prediction Using Reference Lists
Anna Shtok | Oren Kurland | David Carmel

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Comparing Pointwise and Listwise Objective Functions for Random-Forest-Based Learning-to-Rank
Muhammad Ibrahim | Mark James Carman

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Probabilistic Models for Contextual Agreement in Preferences
Loc Do | Hady Wirawan Lauw

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TopPRF: A Probabilistic Framework for Integrating Topic Space into Pseudo Relevance Feedback
Jun Miao | Jimmy Xiangji Huang | Jiashu Zhao

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Examining Additivity and Weak Baselines
Sadegh Kharazmi | Falk Scholer | David Vallet | Mark Sanderson

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Measuring the Semantic Uncertainty of News Events for Evolution Potential Estimation
Xiangfeng Luo | Junyu Xuan | Jie Lu | Guangquan Zhang

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Diversifying Query Auto-Completion
Fei Cai | Ridho Reinanda | Maarten de Rijke