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2016 Volume 35 Issue 1

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Accounting for Language Changes Over Time in Document Similarity Search
Sara Morsy | George Karypis

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The Effects of Aggregated Search Coherence on Search Behavior
Jaime Arguello | Robert Capra

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Causal Relationship Detection in Archival Collections of Product Reviews for Understanding Technology Evolution
Yating Zhang | Adam Jatowt | Katsumi Tanaka

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Social Question Answering: Textual, User, and Network Features for Best Answer Prediction
Piero Molino | Luca Maria Aiello | Pasquale Lops

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Trip Recommendation Meets Real-World Constraints: POI Availability, Diversity, and Traveling Time Uncertainty
Chenyi Zhang | Hongwei Liang | Ke Wang

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Answering Arabic Why-Questions: Baseline vs. RST-Based Approach
Aqil M. Azmi | Nouf Al-Shenaifi

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A Meta-Framework for Modeling the Human Reading Process in Sentiment Analysis
Ramy Baly | Roula Hobeica | Hazem M. Hajj | Wassim El-Hajj | Khaled Bashir Shaban | Ahmad Al Sallab

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A Probabilistic Lifestyle-Based Trajectory Model for Social Strength Inference from Human Trajectory Data
Wayne Xin Zhao | Ningnan Zhou | Wenhui Zhang | Ji-Rong Wen | Shan Wang | Edward Y. Chang