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2016 Volume 10 Issue 2

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A Novel Evidence-Based Bayesian Similarity Measure for Recommender Systems
Guibing Guo | Jie Zhang | Neil Yorke-Smith

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A Buyer-Friendly and Mediated Watermarking Protocol for Web Context
Franco Frattolillo

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Q2P: Discovering Query Templates via Autocompletion
Wensheng Wu | Weiyi Meng | Weifeng Su | Guangyou Zhou | Yao-Yi Chiang

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Activity Dynamics in Collaboration Networks
Simon Walk | Denis Helic | Florian Geigl | Markus Strohmaier

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Probabilistic QoS Aggregations for Service Composition
Huiyuan Zheng | Jian Yang | Weiliang Zhao

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Search and Breast Cancer: On Episodic Shifts of Attention over Life Histories of an Illness
Michael J. Paul | Ryen W. White | Eric Horvitz

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What Users Actually Do in a Social Tagging System: A Study of User Behavior in BibSonomy
Stephan Doerfel | Daniel Zoller | Philipp Singer | Thomas Niebler | Andreas Hotho | Markus Strohmaier