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2016 Volume 19 Issue 3

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PARADISE: Big data analytics using the DBMS tightly integrated with the distributed file system
Jun-Sung Kim | Kyu-Young Whang | Hyuk-Yoon Kwon | Il-Yeol Song

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Preference-based content replacement using recency-latency tradeoff
Rami Rashkovits

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Does Web accessibility differ among banks?
Pedro Lorca | Javier de Andrés | Ana B. Martínez

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Semantic change computation: A successive approach
Xuri Tang | Weiguang Qu | Xiaohe Chen

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Answering subgraph queries over massive disk resident graphs
Peng Peng | Lei Zou | Lei Chen | Xuemin Lin | Dongyan Zhao

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Finding seeds to bootstrap focused crawlers
Karane Vieira | Luciano Barbosa | Altigran Soares da Silva | Juliana Freire | Edleno Silva de Moura

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Query intent mining with multiple dimensions of web search data
Di Jiang | Kenneth Wai-Ting Leung | Wilfred Ng

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Finding smallest k-Compact tree set for keyword queries on graphs using mapreduce
Chengfei Liu | Liang Yao | Jianxin Li | Rui Zhou | Zhenying He