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2016 Volume 19 Issue 5

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Subgraph similarity maximal all-matching over a large uncertain graph
Yu Gu | Chunpeng Gao | Lulu Wang | Ge Yu

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Mobile phone name extraction from internet forums: a semi-supervised approach
Yangjie Yao | Aixin Sun

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Trust-based group services selection in web-based service-oriented environments
Xing Su | Minjie Zhang | Yi Mu

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Training query filtering for semi-supervised learning to rank with pseudo labels
Xin Zhang | Ben He | Tiejian Luo

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A computational approach to measuring the correlation between expertise and social media influence for celebrities on microblogs
Wayne Xin Zhao | Jing Liu | Yulan He | Chin-Yew Lin | Ji-Rong Wen

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Graph vs. bag representation models for the topic classification of web documents
George Papadakis | George Giannakopoulos | Georgios Paliouras

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Web prefetching through efficient prediction by partial matching
Arpad Gellert | Adrian Florea

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TAFFY: incorporating tag information into a diffusion process for personalized recommendations
Mingxin Gan

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Identifying semantic blocks in Web pages using Gestalt laws of grouping
Zhen Xu | James Miller

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Mining preferred navigation patterns by consolidating both selection and time preferences
Bin Shen | Longbing Cao | Min Yao | Yunjun Gao