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2017 Volume 6 Issue 1

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Instance search retrospective with focus on TRECVID
George Awad | Wessel Kraaij | Paul Over | Shin'ichi Satoh

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A Survey on handwritten documents word spotting
Rashad Ahmed | Wasfi G. Al-Khatib | Sabri A. Mahmoud

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Editorial for the ICMR 2016 special issue
Susanne Boll | Winston H. Hsu | Jiebo Luo

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Multilingual visual sentiment concept clustering and analysis
Nikolaos Pappas | Miriam Redi | Mercan Topkara | Hongyi Liu | Brendan Jou | Tao Chen | Shih-Fu Chang

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Investigating country-specific music preferences and music recommendation algorithms with the LFM-1b dataset
Markus Schedl

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Learning hierarchical video representation for action recognition
Qing Li | Zhaofan Qiu | Ting Yao | Tao Mei | Yong Rui | Jiebo Luo