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2017 Volume 6 Issue 4

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An overview of approaches for content-based medical image retrieval
Pranjit Das | Arambam Neelima

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Fast discrete curvelet transform-based anisotropic feature extraction for biomedical image indexing and retrieval
Amita A. Shinde | Amol D. Rahulkar | Chetankumar Y. Patil

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Multi-frame twin-channel descriptor for person re-identification in real-time surveillance videos
P. K. Sathish | S. Balaji

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OVIS: ontology video surveillance indexing and retrieval system
Mohammed Yassine Kazi Tani | Abdelghani Ghomari | Adel Lablack | Ioan Marius Bilasco

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Toward semantic content-based image retrieval using Dempster-Shafer theory in multi-label classification framework
Hamid Abrishami Moghaddam | Samaneh Ghodratnama