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2017 Volume 53 Issue 2

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Sampling strategies for information extraction over the deep web
Pablo Barrio | Luis Gravano

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On the impact of domain expertise on query formulation, relevance assessment and retrieval performance in clinical settings
Lynda Tamine | Cecile Chouquet

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Information tailoring and framing in wearable health communication
Ki Joon Kim | Dong-Hee Shin | Hongsuk Yoon

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Continuous space models for CLIR
Parth Gupta | Rafael E. Banchs | Paolo Rosso

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An expectation-maximization algorithm for query translation based on pseudo-relevant documents
Javid Dadashkarimi | Azadeh Shakery | Heshaam Faili | Hamed Zamani

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Intelligent algorithms for improving communication patterns in thematic P2P search
Ana Lucía Nicolini | Carlos Martín Lorenzetti | Ana Gabriela Maguitman | Carlos Iván Chesñevar

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Introducing linked open data in graph-based recommender systems
Cataldo Musto | Pierpaolo Basile | Pasquale Lops | Marco de Gemmis | Giovanni Semeraro

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Opinion mining from online hotel reviews - A text summarization approach
Ya-Han Hu | Yen-Liang Chen | Hui-Ling Chou

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Comment on "ranking cricket teams"
Syed Muhammd Saqlain | Raja Sher Afgun Usmani

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Exploring the space of information retrieval term scoring functions
Parantapa Goswami | Éric Gaussier | Massih-Reza Amini

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Feature selection based on a normalized difference measure for text classification
Abdur Rehman | Kashif Javed | Haroon A. Babri

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Identifying and predicting the desire to help in social question and answering
Zhe Liu | Bernard J. Jansen

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Excavating the mother lode of human-generated text: A systematic review of research that uses the wikipedia corpus
Mohamad Mehdi | Chitu Okoli | Mostafa Mesgari | Finn Årup Nielsen | Arto Lanamäki

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A relevance model for middle school students seeking information for an inquiry-based class history project
Charles Cole | Jamshid Beheshti | Dhary Abuhimed

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Balancing between over-weighting and under-weighting in supervised term weighting
Haibing Wu | Xiaodong Gu | Yiwei Gu