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2017 Volume 53 Issue 3

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A dual-perspective latent factor model for group-aware social event recommendation
Yogesh Jhamb | Yi Fang

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Using author-specified keywords in building an initial reading list of research papers in scientific paper retrieval and recommender systems
Aravind Sesagiri Raamkumar | Schubert Foo | Natalie Pang

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Supervised sentiment analysis in multilingual environments
David Vilares | Miguel A. Alonso | Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

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An ant-colony based approach for real-time implicit collaborative information seeking
Alessio Malizia | Kai A. Olsen | Tommaso Turchi | Pierluigi Crescenzi

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Interpreting the formation of co-author networks via utility analysis
Yongli Li | Dong Zhang | Peng Luo | Junyi Jiang

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Paraphrase identification and semantic text similarity analysis in Arabic news tweets using lexical, syntactic, and semantic features
Mohammad Al-Smadi | Zain Jaradat | Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub | Yaser Jararweh

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Vocabulary size and its effect on topic representation
Kun Lu | Xin Cai | Isola Ajiferuke | Dietmar Wolfram

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Investigating queries and search failures in academic search
Xinyi Li | Bob J. A. Schijvenaars | Maarten de Rijke

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Multilingual emotion classification using supervised learning: Comparative experiments
Karin Becker | Viviane Pereira Moreira | Aline G. L. dos Santos

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Intellectual structure of knowledge in iMetrics: A co-word analysis
Ali Akbar Khasseh | Faramarz Soheili | Hadi Sharif Moghaddam | Afshin Mousavi Chelak

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The influence of affective cues on positive emotion in predicting instant information sharing on microblogs: Gender as a moderator
Chuang Wang | Zhongyun Zhou | Xiaoling Jin | Yulin Fang | Matthew K. O. Lee

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Box clustering segmentation: A new method for vision-based web page preprocessing
Jan Zeleny | Radek Burget | Jaroslav Zendulka