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2017 Volume 53 Issue 5

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Multi-armed bandits for adjudicating documents in pooling-based evaluation of information retrieval systems
David E. Losada | Javier Parapar | Alvaro Barreiro

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On dynamicity of expert finding in community question answering
Mahmood Neshati | Zohreh Fallahnejad | Hamid Beigy

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Understanding and predicting Web content credibility using the Content Credibility Corpus
Michal Kakol | Radoslaw Nielek | Adam Wierzbicki

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Disambiguating context-dependent polarity of words: An information retrieval approach
Olga Vechtomova

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Relevance theory and distributions of judgments in document retrieval
Howard D. White

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Distance measures in author profiling
Mirco Kocher | Jacques Savoy

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DERIN: A data extraction method based on rendering information and n-gram
Leandro Neiva Lopes Figueiredo | Guilherme Tavares de Assis | Anderson A. Ferreira

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The use of query auto-completion over the course of search sessions with multifaceted information needs
Catherine L. Smith | Jacek Gwizdka | Henry Feild

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A comparison of 17 article-level bibliometric indicators of institutional research productivity: Evidence from the information management literature of China
Jing Li | Dengsheng Wu | Jianping Li | Minglu Li

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Item-network-based collaborative filtering: A personalized recommendation method based on a user's item network
Taehyun Ha | Sangwon Lee

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Utilizing context-relevant keywords extracted from a large collection of user-generated documents for music discovery
Ziwon Hyung | Joon-Sang Park | Kyogu Lee

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Improving personalized recommendations using community membership information
Danielle Hyunsook Lee | Peter Brusilovsky

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FeRe: Exploiting influence of multi-dimensional features resided in news domain for recommendation
Pengtao Lv | Xiangwu Meng | Yujie Zhang

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Structurally embedded news consumption on mobile news applications
Lun Zhang | Lu Zheng | Tai-Quan Peng