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2017 Volume 20 Issue 5

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Introduction to the special issue on search as learning
Carsten Eickhoff | Jacek Gwizdka | Claudia Hauff | Jiyin He

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There's a creepy guy on the other end at Google!: engaging middle school students in a drawing activity to elicit their mental models of Google
Christie M. Kodama | Beth St. Jean | Mega Subramaniam | Natalie Greene Taylor

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Personalized Information Seeking Assistant (PiSA): from programming information seeking to learning
Yihan Lu | I-Han Hsiao

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The role of domain knowledge in cognitive modeling of information search
Saraschandra Karanam | Guillermo Jorge-Botana | Ricardo Olmos | Herre van Oostendorp

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The orchestration of a collaborative information seeking learning task
Simon Knight | Bart Rienties | Karen Littleton | Dirk T. Tempelaar | Matthew Mitsui | Chirag Shah

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Optimizing search results for human learning goals
Rohail Syed | Kevyn Collins-Thompson

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Online searching and learning: YUM and other search tools for children and teachers
Ion Madrazo Azpiazu | Nevena Dragovic | Maria Soledad Pera | Jerry Alan Fails