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2017 Volume 68 Issue 1

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Sanitizing Signals in Scholarship and Mass Media: Integrity Informatics I
Javed Mostafa

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The role of social capital in selecting interpersonal information sources
J. Christopher Zimmer | Raymond M. Henry

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Keeping up to date: An academic researcher's information journey
Sheila Pontis | Ann Blandford | Elke Greifeneder | Hesham Attalla | David Neal

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Gender as an influencer of online health information-seeking and evaluation behavior
Jennifer E. Rowley | Frances C. Johnson | Laura Sbaffi

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Patent citation analysis with Google
Kayvan Kousha | Mike Thelwall

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Analyzing Web behavior in indoor retail spaces
Yongli Ren | Martin Tomko | Flora Dilys Salim | Kevin Ong | Mark Sanderson

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Exploratory information searching in the enterprise: A study of user satisfaction and task performance
Paul Hugh Cleverley | Simon M. Burnett | Laura Muir

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The MIREX grand challenge: A framework of holistic user-experience evaluation in music information retrieval
Xiao Hu | Jin Ha Lee | David Bainbridge | Kahyun Choi | Peter Organisciak | J. Stephen Downie

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Detecting temporal patterns of user queries
Pengjie Ren | Zhumin Chen | Jun Ma | Zhiwei Zhang | Luo Si | Shuaiqiang Wang

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The role of team cognition in collaborative information seeking
Nathan J. McNeese | Madhu C. Reddy

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Improving proverb search and retrieval with a generic multidimensional ontology
Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet | Gila Prebor | Orna Bloch

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Evaluating topic representations for exploring document collections
Nikolaos Aletras | Timothy Baldwin | Jey Han Lau | Mark Stevenson

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Investigating the role of semantic priming in query expression: A framework and two experiments
Catherine L. Smith

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Using course-subject Co-occurrence (CSCO) to reveal the structure of an academic discipline: A framework to evaluate different inputs of a domain map
Peter A. Hook

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Can "hot spots" in the sciences be mapped using the dynamics of aggregated journal-journal citation Relations?
Loet Leydesdorff | Wouter de Nooy

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Strategic intelligence on emerging technologies: Scientometric overlay mapping
Daniele Rotolo | Ismael Ràfols | Michael M. Hopkins | Loet Leydesdorff

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Core indicators and professional recognition of scientometricians
Péter Vinkler

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Scholarly publication and collaboration in Brazil: The role of geography
Otávio José Guerci Sidone | Eduardo Amaral Haddad | Jesús Pascual Mena-Chalco

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A simple and efficient algorithm for authorship verification
Mirco Kocher | Jacques Savoy