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2017 Volume 68 Issue 10

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Temporal dynamics of eye-tracking and EEG during reading and relevance decisions
Jacek Gwizdka | Rahilsadat Hosseini | Michael J. Cole | Shouyi Wang

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Trolling here, there, and everywhere: Perceptions of trolling behaviors in context
Madelyn Sanfilippo | Shengnan Yang | Pnina Fichman

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Cognitive modeling of age-related differences in information search behavior
Saraschandra Karanam | Herre van Oostendorp | Mylène Sanchiz | Aline Chevalier | Jessie Chin | Wai-Tat Fu

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Toward the operationalization of visual metaphor
Alexis Hiniker | Sungsoo (Ray) Hong | Yea-Seul Kim | Nan-Chen Chen | Jevin D. West | Cecilia R. Aragon

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MOOC visual analytics: Empowering students, teachers, researchers, and platform developers of massively open online courses
Scott Emmons | Robert P. Light | Katy Börner

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Motivations and intentions of flickr users in enriching flick records for library of congress photos
Margaret E. I. Kipp | Jihee Beak | Inkyung Choi

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Exploiting item co-utility to improve collaborative filtering recommendations
Aline Bessa | Rodrygo L. T. Santos | Adriano Veloso | Nivio Ziviani

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Automatic event detection in microblogs using incremental machine learning
Tharindu R. Bandaragoda | Daswin De Silva | Damminda Alahakoon

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Person entity linking in email with NIL detection
Ning Gao | Mark Dredze | Douglas W. Oard

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A combined fuzzy-SEM evaluation approach to identify the key drivers of the academic library service quality in the digital technology era: An empirical study
Concetta Manuela La Fata | Toni Lupo

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Online disclosure of illicit information: Information behaviors in two drug forums
Kaitlin Light Costello | John D. Martin III | Ashlee Edwards Brinegar

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Exploring the social effect of outstanding scholars on future research accomplishments
Chien Hsiang Liao

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Cultural diversity of quality of information on Wikipedias
Dariusz Jemielniak | Maciej Wilamowski

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The aboutness of words
Edward T. O'Neill | Kerre A. Kammerer | Rick Bennett

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Format technology lifecycle analysis
Kresimir Duretec | Christoph Becker

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Citations, mandates, and money: Author motivations to publish in chemistry hybrid open access journals
Gregory M. Nelson | Dennis L. Eggett

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Mendeley readership as a filtering tool to identify highly cited publications
Zohreh Zahedi | Rodrigo Costas | Paul Wouters