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2017 Volume 68 Issue 11

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JASIST special issue on biomedical information retrieval
Robert Moskovitch | Fei Wang | Jian Pei | Carol Friedman

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Ontologies for the representation of electronic medical records: The obstetric and neonatal ontology
Mauricio Barcellos Almeida | Fernanda Farinelli

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Clinical information extraction using small data: An active learning approach based on sequence representations and word embeddings
Mahnoosh Kholghi | Lance De Vine | Laurianne Sitbon | Guido Zuccon | Anthony N. Nguyen

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What makes an effective clinical query and querier?
Bevan Koopman | Guido Zuccon | Peter Bruza

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Stochastic reranking of biomedical search results based on extracted entities
Pavlos Fafalios | Yannis Tzitzikas

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Shangri-La: A medical case-based retrieval tool
Alba Garcia Seco de Herrera | Roger Schaer | Henning Müller

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Learning to reformulate long queries for clinical decision support
Luca Soldaini | Andrew Yates | Nazli Goharian

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geNov: A new metric for measuring novelty and relevancy in biomedical information retrieval
Xiangdong An | Jimmy Xiangji Huang

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Intrainstitutional EHR collections for patient-level information retrieval
Stephen T. Wu | Sijia Liu | Yanshan Wang | Tamara Timmons | Harsha Uppili | Steven Bedrick | William R. Hersh | Hongfang Liu

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Large-scale extraction of drug-disease pairs from the medical literature
Pengwei Wang | Tianyong Hao | Jun Yan | Lianwen Jin

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Classifying tumor event attributes in radiology reports
Wen-wai Yim | Sharon W. Kwan | Meliha Yetisgen

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Triaging content severity in online mental health forums
Arman Cohan | Sydney Young | Andrew Yates | Nazli Goharian