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2017 Volume 68 Issue 3

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The Societal Responsibilities of Computational Modelers: Human Values and Professional Codes of Ethics
Kenneth R. Fleischmann | Cindy Hui | William A. Wallace

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User-level microblogging recommendation incorporating social influence
Daifeng Li | Zhipeng Luo | Ying Ding | Jie Tang | Gordon Guo-Zheng Sun | Xiaowen Dai | John Du | Jingwei Zhang | Shoubin Kong

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News censorship in online social networks: A study of circumvention in the commentsphere
David G. Schwartz | Inbal Yahav | Gahl Silverman

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Increasing citizen science contribution using a virtual peer
Jeffrey Laut | Francesco Cappa | Oded Nov | Maurizio Porfiri

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Contributions to conceptual growth: The elaboration of Ellis's model for information-seeking behavior
Reijo Savolainen

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How collaborators make sense of tasks together: A comparative analysis of collaborative sensemaking behavior in collaborative information-seeking tasks
Yihan Tao | Anastasios Tombros

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Going beyond intention: Integrating behavioral expectation into the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology
Likoebe M. Maruping | Hillol Bala | Viswanath Venkatesh | Susan A. Brown

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Information exchange on an academic social networking site: A multidiscipline comparison on researchgate Q&A
Wei Jeng | Spencer DesAutels | Daqing He | Lei Li

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An empirical look at the nature index
Lutz Bornmann | Robin Haunschild

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Exploring interdisciplinary relationships between linguistics and information retrieval from the 1960s to today
Volkmar Engerer

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Toward multiviewpoint ontology construction by collaboration of non-experts and crowdsourcing: The case of the effect of diet on health
Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet | Eden Shalom Erez | Judit Bar-Ilan

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Measuring metrics - a 40-year longitudinal cross-validation of citations, downloads, and peer review in astrophysics
Michael J. Kurtz | Edwin A. Henneken

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Identifying potential "breakthrough" publications using refined citation analyses: Three related explorative approaches
Jesper W. Schneider | Rodrigo Costas

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Mapping science through bibliometric triangulation: An experimental approach applied to water research
Bei Wen | Edwin Horlings | Mariëlle van der Zouwen | Peter van den Besselaar

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Decentralized subject indexing of television programs: The effects of using a semicontrolled indexing language
Veslemøy Søbak | Nils Pharo

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Looking for "normal": Sense making in the context of health disruption
Shelagh K. Genuis | Jenny Bronstein

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Are wikipedia citations important evidence of the impact of scholarly articles and books?
Kayvan Kousha | Mike Thelwall

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A journal's impact factor is influenced by changes in publication delays of citing journals
Dongbo Shi | Ronald Rousseau | Liu Yang | Jiang Li

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Funding acknowledgment analysis: Queries and caveats
Li Tang | Guangyuan Hu | Weishu Liu

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The effect of social media promotion on academic article uptake
Nicola Botting | Lucy Dipper | Katerina Hilari

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Review of Building Ontologies with Basic Formal Ontology. Robert Arp, Barry Smith and Andrew D. Spear. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2015, 248 pp. $30.00 (Paperback) (ISBN: 9780262527811)
Martin Frické

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Mechanization Takes Command: A Contribution to Anonymous History. Sigfried Giedion. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2013, 785 pp. $29.95 (softcover) (ISBN: 9780816690435)
Laila Seewang