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2017 Volume 68 Issue 7

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Digital research confidential: The secrets of studying behavior online. Edited by Eszter Hargittai and Christian Sandvig. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2015
Michael Zimmer

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Beyond distributions and primary goods: Assessing applications of rawls in information science and technology literature since 1990
Anna Lauren Hoffmann

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Organizational assessment frameworks for digital preservation: A literature review and mapping
Emily Maemura | Nathan Moles | Christoph Becker

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An analysis of 14 Million tweets on hashtag-oriented spamming
Surendra Sedhai | Aixin Sun

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Extracting fine-grained location with temporal awareness in tweets: A two-stage approach
Chenliang Li | Aixin Sun

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Insight workflow: Systematically combining human and computational methods to explore textual data
Alastair J. Gill | Saba Hinrichs-Krapels | Tobias Blanke | Jonathan Grant | Mark Hedges | Simon Tanner

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Texts as actions: Requests in online chats between reference librarians and library patrons
Alan Zemel

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Online serendipity: A contextual differentiation of antecedents and outcomes
Christoph Lutz | Christian Pieter Hoffmann | Miriam Meckel

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Task complexity and difficulty in music information retrieval
Xiao Hu | Noriko Kando

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A protocol-driven approach to automatically finding authoritative answers to consumer health questions in online resources
Ariel Deardorff | Kate Masterton | Kirk Roberts | Halil Kilicoglu | Dina Demner-Fushman

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Boosting attribute recognition with latent topics by matrix factorization
Zhuo Su | Donghui Li | Hanhui Li | Xiaonan Luo

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Person Name Disambiguation in the Web Using Adaptive Threshold Clustering
Agustín D. Delgado | Raquel Martínez-Unanue | Soto Montalvo | Víctor Fresno

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Attitudes of referees in a multidisciplinary journal: An empirical analysis
Niccolò Casnici | Francisco Grimaldo | Nigel Gilbert | Flaminio Squazzoni

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"A greatly unexplored area": Digital curation and innovation in digital humanities
Alex H. Poole

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Rethinking image indexing?
Hans Dam Christensen

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Lotka's inverse square law of scientific productivity: Its methods and statistics
Stephen J. Bensman | Lawrence J. Smolinsky

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Discrete power law with exponential cutoff and Lotka's law
Lawrence J. Smolinsky

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Theory Development in the Information Sciences. Diane H. Sonnenwald. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2016. 343 pp. $90.00 (Hardcover) (ISBN 978-1-4773-0824-0)
Birger Hjørland

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Further considerations in EMR adoption
Oliver K. Burmeister