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2017 Volume 8 Issue 2

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Tensors for Data Mining and Data Fusion: Models, Applications, and Scalable Algorithms
Evangelos E. Papalexakis | Christos Faloutsos | Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos

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Introduction to Intelligent Music Systems and Applications
Markus Schedl | Yi-Hsuan Yang | Perfecto Herrera-Boyer

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A Joyful Ode to Automatic Orchestration
François Pachet

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Getting Closer to the Essence of Music: The Con Espressione Manifesto
Gerhard Widmer

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Harnessing Music-Related Visual Stereotypes for Music Information Retrieval
Alexander Schindler | Andreas Rauber

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Sound and Music Recommendation with Knowledge Graphs
Sergio Oramas | Vito Claudio Ostuni | Tommaso Di Noia | Xavier Serra | Eugenio Di Sciascio

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Tempo Driven Audio-to-Score Alignment Using Spectral Decomposition and Online Dynamic Time Warping
Francisco José Rodríguez-Serrano | Julio José Carabias-Orti | Pedro Vera-Candeas | Damián Martínez-Muñoz

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Towards Music Structural Segmentation across Genres: Features, Structural Hypotheses, and Annotation Principles
Mi Tian | Mark B. Sandler

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Learning Contextualized Music Semantics from Tags Via a Siamese Neural Network
Ubai Sandouk | Ke Chen

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Intelligent Process Adaptation in the SmartPM System
Andrea Marrella | Massimo Mecella | Sebastian Sardiña

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SMARTS: Scalable Microscopic Adaptive Road Traffic Simulator
Kotagiri Ramamohanarao | Hairuo Xie | Lars Kulik | Shanika Karunasekera | Egemen Tanin | Rui Zhang | Eman Bin Khunayn

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Differential Flattening: A Novel Framework for Community Detection in Multi-Layer Graphs
Jungeun Kim | Jae-Gil Lee | Sungsu Lim

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Joint Structured Sparsity Regularized Multiview Dimension Reduction for Video-Based Facial Expression Recognition
Liping Xie | Dacheng Tao | Haikun Wei

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Prediction and Simulation of Human Mobility Following Natural Disasters
Xuan Song | Quanshi Zhang | Yoshihide Sekimoto | Ryosuke Shibasaki | Nicholas Jing Yuan | Xing Xie

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A Supervised Learning Model for High-Dimensional and Large-Scale Data
Chong Peng | Jie Cheng | Qiang Cheng

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Implicit Visual Learning: Image Recognition via Dissipative Learning Model
Yan Liu | Yang Liu | Sheng-hua Zhong | Songtao Wu

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Efficient Methods for Influence-Based Network-Oblivious Community Detection
Nicola Barbieri | Francesco Bonchi | Giuseppe Manco

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Community Detection with Topological Structure and Attributes in Information Networks
Zhonggang Wu | Zhao Lu | Shan-Yuan Ho