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2017 Volume 8 Issue 4

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Cyber Security and the Role of Intelligent Systems in Addressing its Challenges
Yaniv Harel | Irad Ben-Gal | Yuval Elovici

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Bridging the Air Gap between Isolated Networks and Mobile Phones in a Practical Cyber-Attack
Mordechai Guri | Matan Monitz | Yuval Elovici

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Understanding the Relationship between Human Behavior and Susceptibility to Cyber Attacks: A Data-Driven Approach
Michael Ovelgönne | Tudor Dumitras | B. Aditya Prakash | V. S. Subrahmanian | Benjamin Wang

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Optimal Scheduling of Cybersecurity Analysts for Minimizing Risk
Rajesh Ganesan | Sushil Jajodia | Hasan Cam

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A Risk-Scoring Feedback Model for Webpages and Web Users Based on Browsing Behavior
Michal Ben Neria | Nancy-Sarah Yacovzada | Irad Ben-Gal

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Securely Computing a Ground Speed Model
Eyal Kolman | Benny Pinkas

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Automatic Construction of Statechart-Based Anomaly Detection Models for Multi-Threaded Industrial Control Systems
Amit Kleinmann | Avishai Wool

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On Network Neutrality Measurements
Alex Maltinsky | Ran Giladi | Yuval Shavitt

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Analyzing and Optimizing Access Control Choice Architectures in Online Social Networks
Ron S. Hirschprung | Eran Toch | Hadas Schwartz-Chassidim | Tamir Mendel | Oded Maimon

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Tracking Illicit Drug Dealing and Abuse on Instagram Using Multimodal Analysis
Xitong Yang | Jiebo Luo

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Advanced Economic Control of Electricity-Based Space Heating Systems in Domestic Coalitions with Shared Intermittent Energy Resources
Athanasios Aris Panagopoulos | Sasan Maleki | Alex Rogers | Matteo Venanzi | Nicholas R. Jennings

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Algorithms for Graph-Constrained Coalition Formation in the Real World
Filippo Bistaffa | Alessandro Farinelli | Jesús Cerquides | Juan A. Rodríguez-Aguilar | Sarvapali D. Ramchurn

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Data-Driven Frequency-Based Airline Profit Maximization
Bo An | Haipeng Chen | Noseong Park | V. S. Subrahmanian

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The Letter from Prof. Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Isaac Ben-Israel
Isaac Ben Israel