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2017 Volume 11 Issue 4

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LDoW-PaN: Linked Data on the Web - Presentation and Navigation
Andre Carlomagno Rocha | Cássio V. S. Prazeres

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Clickstream User Behavior Models
Gang Wang | Xinyi Zhang | Shiliang Tang | Christo Wilson | Haitao Zheng | Ben Y. Zhao

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Canonical Forms for Isomorphic and Equivalent RDF Graphs: Algorithms for Leaning and Labelling Blank Nodes
Aidan Hogan

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A Study of Web Print: What People Print in the Digital Era
Georgia Koutrika | Qian Lin

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Exploring and Analyzing the Tor Hidden Services Graph
Massimo Bernaschi | Alessandro Celestini | Stefano Guarino | Flavio Lombardi

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Collusive Opinion Fraud Detection in Online Reviews: A Probabilistic Modeling Approach
Chang Xu | Jie Zhang

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A Fast and Scalable Mechanism for Web Service Composition
Soumi Chattopadhyay | Ansuman Banerjee | Nilanjan Banerjee