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2017 Volume 20 Issue 3

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Editor's Note: Special Issue on Big Data and Smart Computing

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Ecosystem on the Web: non-linear mining and forecasting of co-evolving online activities
Yasuko Matsubara | Yasushi Sakurai | Christos Faloutsos

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An efficient key management scheme for user access control in outsourced databases
Seung-Tae Hong | Hyeong-Il Kim | Jae-Woo Chang

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MTP: discovering high quality partitions in real world graphs
Yongsub Lim | Won-Jo Lee | Ho-Jin Choi | U Kang

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Para-G: Path pattern query processing on large graphs
Yiyuan Bai | Chaokun Wang | Xiang Ying

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Set-based unified approach for summarization of a multi-attributed graph
Kifayat-Ullah Khan | Waqas Nawaz | Young-Koo Lee

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Finding efficiencies in frequent pattern mining from big uncertain data
Carson Kai-Sang Leung | Richard Kyle MacKinnon | Fan Jiang