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Proceedings of the 5th Spanish Conference on Information Retrieval, CERI 2018, Zaragoza, Spain, June 26-27, 2018

Jesús Tramullas, Raquel Trillo Lado, Javier Nogueras-Iso (Editors)

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Proceedings of the 5th Spanish Conference on Information Retrieval, CERI 2018, Zaragoza, Spain, June 26-27, 2018

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Improving access to scientific literature: a semantic IR perspective
Davide Buscaldi

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About BIRDS project (Bioinformatics and Information Retrieval Data Structures Analysis and Design)
Guillermo de Bernardo | Susana Ladra

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Query Expansion as a Matrix Factorization Problem: Extended Abstract
Daniel Valcarce | Javier Parapar | Álvaro Barreiro

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Towards a Structured Representation of Results in an Information Retrieval System for Public Examination Calls
Rocío Aznar-Gimeno | María del Carmen Rodríguez-Hernández | Rafael del-Hoyo-Alonso | Sergio Ilarri

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Applying Subsequence Matching to Collaborative Filtering: Extended Abstract
Alejandro Bellogín | Pablo Sánchez

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Term Association Measures for Memory-based Recommender Systems
Eva Suárez-García | Alfonso Landin | Daniel Valcarce | Álvaro Barreiro

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Content-based recommendation for Academic Expert finding
César Albusac | Luis M. de Campos | Juan M. Fernández-Luna | Juan F. Huete

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Vandalism on Collaborative Web Communities: An Exploration of Editorial Behaviour in Wikipedia
Abdulwhab Alkharashi | Joemon M. Jose

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Click-through prediction when searching local businesses
Fidel Cacheda | Nicola Barbieri

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Towards the Development of a Tool to Keep Track of Interesting Information in a Sea of Digital Documents: Short Paper (Work in Progress)
Sergio Ilarri | Guillermo Azón

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Automatic Text Summarization based on Betweenness Centrality
Gretel Liz De la Peña Sarracén | Paolo Rosso

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Cost-effective construction of Information Retrieval test collections
David E. Losada | Javier Parapar | Alvaro Barreiro

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Trends in the creation of Spanish web sites and their active service
Joofre Honores Tapia | Diego Fernández Iglesias | Fidel Cacheda Seijo

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New approaches for evaluation: correctness and freshness: Extended Abstract
Pablo Sánchez | Rus M. Mesas | Alejandro Bellogín

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Barriers for the access to knowledge models in Linked Data cultural heritage collections
Dayany Díaz-Corona | Javier Lacasta | Javier Nogueras-Iso

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Coarse-grained Semantic Characterization of Large Knowledge Resources
Rafael Berlanga Llavori | Antonio Jimeno-Yepes | María Pérez | Indira Lanza-Cruz

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Use of Wikipedia categories on information retrieval research: a brief review
Jesús Tramullas | Piedad Garrido Picazo | Ana I. Sánchez-Casabón

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Building Python-Based Topologies for Massive Processing of Social Media Data in Real Time
Rodrigo Martínez-Castaño | Juan Carlos Pichel | David E. Losada

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Recommending Contacts in Social Networks Using Information Retrieval Models
Javier Sanz-Cruzado | Sofía M. Pepa | Pablo Castells