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Proceedings of the 17th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop, Leiden, The Netherlands, November 23th, 2018

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Lexical normalization of user-generated forum data
Anne Dirkson | Suzan Verberne | Gerard van Oortmerssen | Wessel Kraaij

Exploration of Intrinsic Relevance Judgments by Legal Professionals in Information Retrieval Systems
Gineke Wiggers | Suzan Verberne | Gerrit-Jan Zwenne

JudaicaLink; A Domain-Specific Knowledge Base for Jewish Studies
Maral Dadvar | Kai Eckert

Recommending Users: Whom to Follow on Federated Social Networks
Jan Trienes | Andrés Torres Cano | Djoerd Hiemstra

From Neural Re-Ranking to Neural Ranking: Learning a Sparse Representation for Inverted Indexing
Hamed Zamani | Mostafa Dehghani | W. Bruce Croft | Erik Learned-Miller | Jaap Kamps

Aspect-based summarization of pros and cons in unstructured product reviews
Florian Kunneman | Sander Wubben | Antal van den Bosch | Emiel Krahmer

Search as a learning activity: a viable alternative to instructor-designed learning?
Felipe Moraes | Sindunuraga Rikarno Putra | Claudia Hauff

SearchX: Collaborative Search System for Large-Scale Research
Sindunuraga Rikarno Putra | Kilian Grashoff | Felipe Moraes | Claudia Hauff

Narrative-Driven Recommendation as Complex Task
Toine Bogers | Marijn Koolen

Measuring User Satisfaction on Smart Speaker Intelligent Assistants
Seyyed Hadi Hashemi | Kyle Williams | Ahmed El Kholy | Imed Zitouni | Paul A. Crook

WASP: Web Archiving and Search Personalized
Arjen P. de Vries

Melodic Similarity and Applications Using Biologically-Inspired Techniques
Dimitrios Bountouridis | Daniel G. Brown | Frans Wiering | Remco C. Veltkamp

The Patient Forum Miner: Text Mining for patient communities
Maaike de Boer | Anne Dirkson | Gerard van Oortmerssen | Suzan Verberne

SMART Radio: Personalized News Radio
Maya Sappelli | Dung Manh Chu | Bahadir Cambel | Joeri Nortier | David Graus

Position Title Standardization
Rianne Kaptein