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Proceedings of the 9th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, Rome, Italy, May, 28-30, 2018

Nicola Tonellotto, Luca Becchetti, Marko Tkalcic (Editors)

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Proceedings of the 9th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, Rome, Italy, May, 28-30, 2018

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A Collaborative Ranking Model with Contextual Similarities for Venue Suggestion
Mohammad Aliannejadi | Fabio Crestani

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A Preliminary Comparison of Job, Talent, and Web Search
Damiano Spina | Maria Maistro | Yongli Ren | Sargol Sadeghi | Wilson Wong | Timothy Baldwin | Lawrence Cavedon | Alistair Moffat | Mark Sanderson | Falk Scholer | Justin Zobel

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A Study on Manual Query Reformulation for Systematic Medical Reviews
Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio | Federica Vezzani

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An Approach to Event-based Dynamic User Profiling in Social Media
Gabriella Pasi | Marco Viviani | Matteo Zardoni

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An Emotion-driven Approach for Aspect-based Opinion Mining
Marco Polignano | Pierpaolo Basile | Marco de Gemmis | Giovanni Semeraro

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Content-Based Multimedia Recommendation Systems: Definition and Application Domains
Yashar Deldjoo | Markus Schedl | Paolo Cremonesi | Gabriella Pasi

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Emotional Reactions Prediction of News Posts
Anastasia Giachanou | Paolo Rosso | Ida Mele | Fabio Crestani

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Exploiting Knowledge Graphs for Auto-Encoding User Ratings in Recommender Systems
Vito Bellini | Tommaso Di Noia | Eugenio Di Sciascio | Angelo Schiavone

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How Topic and System Size Affect the Correlation among Evaluation Measures
Nicola Ferro

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Integrating Ratings and Pairwise Preferences in Recommender Systems
Saikishore Kalloori | Francesco Ricci

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It Takes Two, Baby: Style and Tangibles for Recommending and Interacting with Videos
Mehdi Elahi | Rosella Gennari | Alessandra Melonio | Francesco Ricci

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Mining Software Repositories to Support OSS Developers: A Recommender Systems Approach
Phuong Thanh Nguyen | Juri Di Rocco | Davide Di Ruscio

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Moving from Item Rating to Features Relevance in Top-N Recommendation
Vito Walter Anelli | Tommaso Di Noia | Eugenio Di Sciascio | Pasquale Lops | Joseph Trotta

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Sensitive-aware Privacy Index for Sanitized Text Data
Giovanni Romano | Claudio Carpineto

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Sequential Recommendations in IoT Scenarios with a Generalized User Behaviour Model
David Massimo | Francesco Ricci

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The CLAIRE Visual Analytics System for Analysing IR Evaluation Data
Marco Angelini | Vanessa Fazzini | Nicola Ferro | Giuseppe Santucci | Gianmaria Silvello

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The Malware Text Collection and Mining Project
Giambattista Amati | Simone Angelini | Anna Caterina Carli | Carlo Majorani | Alessandro Riccardi

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Theory-driven Recommendations: Modeling Hedonic and Eudaimonic Movie Preferences
Marko Tkalcic | Bruce Ferwerda