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2018 Volume 8 Issue 3

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Rumor Detection on Twitter Using a Supervised Machine Learning Framework
Hardeo Kumar Thakur | Anand Gupta | Ayushi Bhardwaj | Devanshi Verma

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Automatic Text Document Summarization Using Graph Based Centrality Measures on Lexical Network
Chandra Shakhar Yadav | Aditi Sharan

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Anaphora Resolution: Analysing the Impact on Mean Average Precision and Detecting Limitations of Automated Approaches
Daniel Gros | Tim Habermann | Giulia Kirstein | Christine Meschede | S. Denise Ruhrberg | Adrian Schmidt | Tobias Siebenlist

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A Systematic Study of Feature Selection Methods for Learning to Rank Algorithms
Mehrnoush Barani Shirzad | Mohammad Reza Keyvanpour

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Combining IR Models for Bengali Information Retrieval
Soma Chatterjee | Kamal Sarkar