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2018 Volume 54 Issue 1

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A Prospect-Guided global query expansion strategy using word embeddings
Francis C. Fernández-Reyes | Jorge Hermosillo Valadez | Manuel Montes-y-Gómez

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Computing controversy: Formal model and algorithms for detecting controversy on Wikipedia and in search queries
Kazimierz Zielinski | Radoslaw Nielek | Adam Wierzbicki | Adam Jatowt

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Intelligent topic selection for low-cost information retrieval evaluation: A New perspective on deep vs. shallow judging
Mücahid Kutlu | Tamer Elsayed | Matthew Lease

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Beyond traditional collaborative search: Understanding the effect of awareness on multi-level collaborative information retrieval
Nyi Nyi Htun | Martin Halvey | Lynne Baillie

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An analysis of review content and reviewer variables that contribute to review helpfulness
M. S. I. Malik | Ayyaz Hussain

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Beyond vector space model for hierarchical Arabic text classification: A Markov chain approach
Fawaz S. Al-Anzi | Dia AbuZeina

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Knowledge based collection selection for distributed information retrieval
Baoli Han | Ling Chen | Xiaoxue Tian