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2018 Volume 54 Issue 4

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The role of location and social strength for friendship prediction in location-based social networks
Jorge Carlos Valverde-Rebaza | Mathieu Roche | Pascal Poncelet | Alneu de Andrade Lopes

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Understanding crowdsourcing projects: A systematic review of tendencies, workflow, and quality management
Fábio R. Assis Neto | Celso A. S. Santos

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Revisiting the cluster-based paradigm for implicit search result diversification
Haitao Yu | Adam Jatowt | Roi Blanco | Hideo Joho | Joemon M. Jose | Long Chen | Fajie Yuan

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Social network data to alleviate cold-start in recommender system: A systematic review
Lesly Alejandra Gonzalez Camacho | Solange N. Alves Souza

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Implicit aspect extraction in sentiment analysis: Review, taxonomy, oppportunities, and open challenges
Mohammad Tubishat | Norisma Idris | Mohammad A. M. Abushariah

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Do systems pass university entrance exams?
Álvaro Rodrigo | Anselmo Peñas | Yusuke Miyao | Noriko Kando

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DRI-RCNN: An approach to deceptive review identification using recurrent convolutional neural network
Wen Zhang | Yuhang Du | Taketoshi Yoshida | Qing Wang

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Using semantic similarity to reduce wrong labels in distant supervision for relation extraction
Chengsen Ru | Jintao Tang | Shasha Li | Songxian Xie | Ting Wang

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Leveraging exploratory search with personality traits and interactional context
Maria Taramigkou | Dimitris Apostolou | Gregoris Mentzas

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PERSON: Personalized information retrieval evaluation based on citation networks
Shayan A. Tabrizi | Azadeh Shakery | Hamed Zamani | Mohammad Ali Tavallaei

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Neural word and entity embeddings for ad hoc retrieval
Ebrahim Bagheri | Faezeh Ensan | Feras N. Al-Obeidat

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Combining different evaluation systems on social media for measuring user satisfaction
Simona Balbi | Michelangelo Misuraca | Germana Scepi

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Self-training on refined clause patterns for relation extraction
Duc-Thuan Vo | Ebrahim Bagheri

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A social recommendation method based on an adaptive neighbor selection mechanism
Sajad Ahmadian | Majid Meghdadi | Mohsen Afsharchi

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A Wikipedia powered state-based approach to automatic search query enhancement
Kyle Goslin | Markus Hofmann

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The impact of past performance on information valuation in virtual communities: Empirical study in online stock message boards
HyunMo Kim | Sunho Jung | Jaehong Park