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2018 Volume 69 Issue 1

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Documents and (as) machines
Javed Mostafa

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Theory and practice of data citation
Gianmaria Silvello

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Assessing perceived organizational leadership styles through twitter text mining
Agostino La Bella | Andrea Fronzetti Colladon | Elisa Battistoni | Silvia Castellan | Matteo Francucci

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Data set mentions and citations: A content analysis of full-text publications
Mengnan Zhao | Erjia Yan | Kai Li

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Metadata records machine translation combining multi-engine outputs with limited parallel data
Brenda Reyes Ayala | Ryan Knudson | Jiangping Chen | Gaohui Cao | Xinyue Wang

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Consumer valuation of personal information in the age of big data
Sesil Lim | JongRoul Woo | Jongsu Lee | Sung-Yoon Huh

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Understanding scientific collaboration: Homophily, transitivity, and preferential attachment
Chenwei Zhang | Yi Bu | Ying Ding | Jian Xu

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Understanding success through the diversity of collaborators and the milestone of career
Yi Bu | Ying Ding | Jian Xu | Xingkun Liang | Gege Gao | Yiming Zhao

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Exploring the social influence of multichannel access in an online health community
Peng Luo | Kun Chen | Chong Wu | Yongli Li

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Internet usage and patient's trust in physician during diagnoses: A knowledge power perspective
Tian Lu | Yunjie (Calvin) Xu | Scott Wallace

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Toward effective automated weighted subject indexing: A comparison of different approaches in different environments
Kun Lu | Jin Mao | Gang Li

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Understanding the "expanded notion" of videogames as archival objects: A review of priorities, methods, and conceptions
Olle Sköld

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Metric assessments of books as families of works
Alesia A. Zuccala | Mads Breum | Kasper Bruun | Bernd T. Wunsch

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How quickly do publications get read? The evolution of mendeley reader counts for new articles
Nabeil Maflahi | Mike Thelwall

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"Take an opportunity whenever you get it": Information sharing among African-American women with hypertension
Lenette M. Jones | Kathy D. Wright | McKenzie K. Wallace | Tiffany C. Veinot

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A parametric "parent metric" approach for comparing maximum-normalized journal ranking metrics
M. Ryan Haley | M. Kevin McGee

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Tracing the traces: The critical role of metadata within networked communications
Matthew S. Mayernik | Amelia Acker

doi dblp
Working with Text. Tools, Techniques and Approaches for Text Mining. Emme L. Tonkin & Gregory J.L. Tourte. Chandos Publisher, Cambridge (MA). 2016. 330pp. (ISBN 978-1-84334-749-1)
Jacques Savoy