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2018 Volume 69 Issue 10

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Toward a calculus of redundancy: Signification, codification, and anticipation in cultural evolution
Loet Leydesdorff | Mark William Johnson | Inga A. Ivanova

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Imagining Winnipeg: The translocal meaning making of Filipino migrants to Canada
Danielle Allard | Nadia Caidi

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Transparency as design choice of open data contests
Sabine Brunswicker | Bjørn Jensen | Zhounan Song | Ann Majchrzak

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If these crawls could talk: Studying and documenting web archives provenance
Emily Maemura | Nicholas Worby | Ian Milligan | Christoph Becker

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Documenting provenance in noncomputational workflows: Research process models based on geobiology fieldwork in Yellowstone National Park
Andrea K. Thomer | Karen M. Wickett | Karen S. Baker | Bruce W. Fouke | Carole L. Palmer

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Retrieving people: Identifying potential answerers in Community Question-Answering
Long T. Le | Chirag Shah

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A session-specific opportunity cost model for rank-oriented recommendation
Brian Ackerman | Chong Wang | Yi Chen

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Innovation or imitation: The diffusion of citations
Chao Min | Ying Ding | Jiang Li | Yi Bu | Lei Pei | Jianjun Sun

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Mobile Information Retrieval. Fabio Crestani, Stefano Mizzaro, and Ivan Scagnetto. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2017. 110 pp. $54.99 (softcover). (ISBN 9783319607764)
Daqing He

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