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2018 Volume 69 Issue 12

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Equipped for resistance: An agonistic conceptualization of the public library as a verb
Johanna Rivano Eckerdal

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Data work in context: Value, risks, and governance
Jonathan Foster | Julie McLeod | Jan Nolin | Elke Greifeneder

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Effects of subject-oriented visualization tools on search by novices and intermediates
I-Chin Wu | Pertti Vakkari

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Text Mining for Personalized Knowledge Extraction From Online Support Groups
Tharindu Rukshan Bandaragoda | Daswin De Silva | Damminda Alahakoon | Weranja Ranasinghe | Damien Bolton

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To Do or Not To Do: Distill crowdsourced negative caveats to augment api documentation
Jing Li | Aixin Sun | Zhenchang Xing

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User-Centered evaluation of metadata schema for nonmovable cultural heritage: Murals and stone cave temples
Xiao Hu | Tzi-Dong Jeremy Ng | Shengping Xia

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PSI: A probabilistic semantic interpretable framework for fine-grained image ranking
Hanhui Li | Hefeng Wu | Donghui Li | Shujin Lin | Zhuo Su | Xiaonan Luo

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Libcitations, worldcat, cultural impact, and fame
Howard D. White | Alesia A. Zuccala

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A Discussion of citations from the perspective of the contribution of the cited paper to the citing paper
Hui Fang

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Knowledge Management Theory and Practice. (3rd ed.) Kimiz Dalkir . Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2017. 552 >pp. $65.00 (hardcover). (ISBN 9780262036870)
Suliman Hawamdeh

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