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2018 Volume 69 Issue 4

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Are you satisfied yet? Shared leadership, individual trust, autonomy, and satisfaction in virtual teams
Lionel P. Robert Jr. | Sangseok You

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Identification of factors associated with blind users' help-seeking situations in interacting with digital libraries
Iris Xie | Rakesh Babu | Melissa Davey Castillo | Hye Jung Han

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Improving interpretations of topic modeling in microblogs
Sarah A. Alkhodair | Benjamin C. M. Fung | Osmud Rahman | Patrick C. K. Hung

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Recommending books to be exchanged online in the absence of wish lists
Maria Soledad Pera | Yiu-Kai Ng

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Understanding the determinants and dynamic process of user exodus in social networking sites: Evidence from Kaixin001
Yuxiang (Chris) Zhao | Xiaojuan Xu | Xixian Peng | Shijie Song

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The effect of prediscussion note-taking in hidden profile tasks
Hao Zhou | Lu Xiao | Yongmei Liu | Xiaohong Chen

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A new method for retrieving batik shape patterns
Qingni Yuan | Songhua Xu | Lv Jian

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The Closer the Better: Similarity of Publication Pairs at Different Cocitation Levels
Giovanni Colavizza | Kevin W. Boyack | Nees Jan van Eck | Ludo Waltman

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The role of patent citations as a footprint of technology
Eduardo Perez Molina

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Effectiveness of OpenAIRE, BASE, Recolecta, and Google Scholar at finding spanish articles in repositories
María-Francisca Abad-García | Aurora González-Teruel | Javier González-Llinares

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Research in the Archival Multiverse. Anne J Gilliland, Sue McKemmish, and Andrew J. Lau, (Eds.). Clayton, VIC., Australia: Monash University Publishing, 2017. 1072 pp. $99.95 (paperback). (ISBN: 9781876924676)
Michele Valerie Cloonan

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The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods. Luke Sloan and Anabel Quan-Haase (Eds.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publishing, 2017. 728 pp. $175.00 (Hardcover). (ISBN 9781473916326)
Caroline Haythornthwaite