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2018 Volume 69 Issue 8

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Co-saved, co-tweeted, and co-cited networks
Fereshteh Didegah | Mike Thelwall

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A longitudinal assessment of the persistence of twitter datasets
Arkaitz Zubiaga

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Relationships, environment, health and development: The information needs expressed online by young first-time mothers
Ian Ruthven | Steven Buchanan | Cara Jardine

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Adaptation, translation, and validation of information literacy assessment instrument
Nordin Hani Syazillah | K. Kiran | G. Chowdhury

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Predictive models and analysis for webpage depth-level dwell time
Chong Wang | Shuai Zhao | Achir Kalra | Cristian Borcea | Yi Chen

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An intrinsic information content-based semantic similarity measure considering the disjoint common subsumers of concepts of an ontology
Abhijit Adhikari | Biswanath Dutta | Animesh Dutta | Deepjyoti Mondal | Shivang Singh

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Researchers' uses of and disincentives for sharing their research identity information in research information management systems
Besiki Stvilia | Shuheng Wu | Dong Joon Lee

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The impact of classification systems in the evaluation of the research performance of the Leiden Ranking universities
Antonio Perianes-Rodríguez | Javier Ruiz-Castillo

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Research output and impact of the fields of management, economics, and sociology in spain and france: An analysis using google scholar and scopus
Ernesto R. Gantman | Marcelo P. Dabós

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Congressional twitter use revisited on the platform's 10-year anniversary
Jennifer Golbeck | Brooke Auxier | Abigail Bickford | Lautaro Cabrera | Meaghan Conte McHugh | Stephani Moore | Jacquelyn Hart | Justin Resti | Anthony Rogers | Jenna Zimmerman